Art Studio and the Garden

Entryway to studio and garden.

I did the masonry work, arch and fence on this entry way. It came about a few years after I started working with cement and ceramic as outdoor materials for sculpture - all stimulated by my collaborative project with a Chicago artist’s group, Chicago Public Art Group. There are ceramic tiles towards the top of each of the pillars with hand prints of mine, my wife’s and my dog’s paw prints. Tiles of relative’s hand prints will eventually be installed near this location. Each time we pass through this passage way, it will be a symbolic blessing, reminding us of the importance of the love for these people in our lives.

Sculpture on one of the 

entryway pillars. 

Click on photo for enlargement.

Two-dog welcoming committee:

golden retrievers Ivy and Zoey.

Through the gate, passing one of the fountains, fish, and plantings around one of the small ponds.

Walk way to the art studio. The building was once an old carriage house: horses and carriage below, rooms above for tack, compost in back for manure. 

Inside the art studio.

Gas Kiln , down draft.

40 cu. feet.

Stackable door. 

Electric Kilns

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