Careers in Art

 Careers in Art and Design

Commercial art is a generic term, but isart at the service of commerce or the marketplace; it is that which uses the skills of the artist to sell a product. In commercial art, the artist is usually on salary (but may be a free lancer) and in the former, gets a regular paycheck from his/her employer. This artist is often called a graphic artist, one who is competent in the use of computers, especially the graphic arts software like, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc. and may be one of a number employees in a large advertising agency, or even a freelancer working as an independent artist/business person. 

 On the otherhand, fine art is created by the studio artist who is an independant business person, and he is responsible for generating his/her own income by either the sale of his artwork or by working another job. Fine art is art that is done soley as an expression of one's self. You must sell your work yourself at a variety of art shows, be in a gallery, or have an agent find an outlet for your artwork. If you sell that which you create, you, in effect, are selling paintings, drawings, sculpture, pottery, etc. - symbolic expression of yourself.

Frequently, the materials and techniques of both commercial and fine art overlap.

Commercial Art -

 Advertising Design Ad Designer:

 Art Director; Computer Graphics Designer, Layout Designer; Typographer; Television Commercials, Architect, City Planner, Environmental Designer.


 Landscape Architect, Architectural Graphics, Architectural Delineator.

 Designer: Store and Corporate; Art/Creative Director.

 Mechanical: Layout, Paste-Up, Lettering, Production Manager, Artist, Specialist, Director.

 Director: Multimedia.

 Communications Through Computer:

 Animation, Presentation Graphics, Telecommunications, Image Processing, Data Visualization, Digital Video, Broadcasting, Special Effects, Image Computing. 


 Free Lance, TV/Video Camera Man, Film Editor, Animator.

 Free Lance, Fashion, Advertisements, Cartoonist.

Illustration Animator: Print Publications, Medical Illustration, Television Storyboards.

Industrial Design: Production Designer, Package Designer, Exhibit Designer, Model Maker, Commercial and \

 Interior Design:

Historic Restoration, Lighting Consultant, Furniture Desogner, Color and Surface Consultant.

Landscape Designer - plantings, court yards, walkways, ponds, fountains and sculpture in relation to the building.


Free Lance, Staff Photographer, TV/Video Camera Man, Photo/Slide Librarian, Fulm Editor, Animator/Graphic Arts.


 Commercial Printing, Reproductions, Book Design, Fine Art Design.


 Model Maker, Foundry Jobs, Furniture Designer, Playground Designer, Designer/frabricator of own work and of others.

 Set & Costume:

 Designers for a movie, Television & Theater, Window Design.

 Surface Pattern:

 Designer: Fabrics, Wall Coverings, Floor Coverings.


 Dinnerware, Greeting Cards. fabrics, wallpaper, etc


 Textile Designer, Pettern Designer.


 Specialist, Photographic Art Director, Creative Film Director/Producer, Production Manager, Film Editor.


 Designer: Furniture, Toys, Playground Equipment, Musical Instruments, Accessories, Free Lance Woodworker.

 Ceramics & Pottery:

 Studio Potter, Industrial Ceramics, Commercial Pottery.

Fine Art -

 Art History Art Critic - essentially a journalist writting for a newspaper and usually majored in art history, perhaps minored in English in 


Art Education - Teacher of art in public or private schools K- 12 grade; college/university professor. (requires masters degree or above)

 Computer Graphics Artist/Film/Creative Film Maker.

 Metalsmithing Studio Jeweler.

 Painting - Artist in residence, Art Critic/Writer, Studio Painter, Gallery Owner/Manager, Restoration.

 Photography - Free Lance, Creative Film Director/Producer.

 Printmaking - Fine Art printer-Self employes, Fine Art Workshop/Master printer, Fine Art Workshop/Paper making.

 Sculpture - Studio Sculptor

 Textiles Studio Weaver.

 Video Free Lance, Creative Film Director/Producer.

 Woodworking Historical Craftsman/Designs and builds his own furniture in his own woodshop facility.