Clock Design

Fall 2010

Nadia Harding 

in a timely fashion uses the pallette imagery for her theme. Attachment of brushes expands the space for more visual interest and the second-hand turns into a brush as well. 

Stephanie Sarro

The Royal Mountain Ski lodge clock reflects good skiing conditions by the snow accumulated on the roof. 

Cesar Cristancho

Beautifully crafted, his clock is unique in its clean geometric style, it is easy to tell the time by the contrast of bright colors. 

Sabastion Macelle’s


clock has visual interest from all sides. He explores space in a variety of ways, including the faceted pedestal. 

Samantha Reynolds 


Approximately 16”H.

Wall clock explores space by

“floating” blue gallacy map,

shooting star moves on the second hand,

and planet images extend beyond black circle

Katelyn Calderone

Foamcore, acrylic

Approx. 14” dia. 

Brian Smith

Foamcore board, paper/

Approx. 12” H

Free-standing “book” clock that has poetry 

inside on the pages

Free-standing Sun/Moon Clock