Guest Artist Cup Exhibition: 

Mostly functional

1. Cat-cup. Three-dimensional handle/tail grew out of the flattwo-dimensional painting of cat

2. Carved black cup. 

3. Individual leaves laid over vessel section of cup. 


5. cup with leaf shaped saucer

6. Cup with three legs. 

7. Cup with carved design and blue glaze. 

8. Cup with modeled face. 

9. Goblet cup with frog added on. 

11. Free-form pattern using Lizzard glaze.

12. Skull cup. Thumbs pressed into soft clay for eye sockets and scratched on pattern over. 

13. Wheel formed cup with snake wrapped around it. 

14. Cylindrical shape cup with pattern pressed into soft clay. 

15. Textured Lizzard glaze contrasted against smooth surface. 

16. Wheel formed vessel, with handmade “tree” stems. 

17. Nurse cup acting badly. Underglaze pencils and paint on white clay. 

18. Conventional cup with wax resist decoration. 

19. Stretching a soft moist cup then firing it into a glazed finish.

20. Cup with swelling, undulating shape and thumb-rest on handle. 

21. Unique handle, face on body of vessel. 

Potters Wheel with modeled arms and head added on. Real used cigarettes and cigars.

Hair is removable lid

Coffee Klatch