Far-Fetch Dragons and Dinosaurs: 

Sculptures of Whimsey

Copyrighted under the name, “Far-Fetch Dragons,” and the name “Dinocritter,” these delightful sculptures are made of hand-fabricated stoneware ceramic, colored with a baked-on coating of glass (glaze) and further detailed in oil paints. These whimsical dinosaur-like creatures, along with miniature human forms, often populate much larger sculptures (two to six feet high). They form mythological, free-standing environments or wall pieces, for both indoor exhibition and some, for outdoor garden settings. Collectors have been forming their own little “families of whimsy” for some time now, spotlighting their growing collection on a special shelf or in a cabinet. In the case of an outdoor sculpture, it is often placed near the patio, deck, or special garden placement.

NOTE: Color and detail of photos are accurate within the specific context and optimum lighting conditions set up in my studio. For those of you who purchase these works, you should showcase them with the same care in lighting to reproduce the same maximum display effects.

#1 He Who Faces the Wind. As this creature emerged from the clay, the body language suggested that he was leaning forward, either stretching towards something or resisting some invisible force. Consequently, I positioned some of the details to reinforce what the body suggested: notice the “hair” is swept back as if being blown by the wind. There are many invisible forces that we encounter in life - some of them easily identified, others that we are blind to and are in the shadows. But those who are fearless, with character and with imagination eventually prevail.

Size: Approximately 6” H x 8” L

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#2 Egg Protector. I start out with a vague idea about a dragon design, but I am never sure what the end result will be. One thing sure is that I want to capture facial expressions. Through trial and error I usually settle upon something that seems right for the previously formed body. The end result is always something of a surprise. This way of working keeps me interested. Once I am finished with a piece, I look forward to getting started on the next one, to discover what will materialize. What is my most favored piece of art? That’s easy! The next one!

Size : approx. 6.5”H x 9”L

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#3 Vultureamous. This character is built low to the ground with four legs, unlike the others that walk upright. He has a kind of “vulture-like” neck, with a loose skin on the underside, expanding when he swallows - so much easier to swallow his prey whole! ( gulp! ) His species has yet to evolve with wings.

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#4 Although this guy seems monumental with his out-sized head comb, actually, he is one of the pint-size characters of my “ Far-Fetch-Dragon” series, measuring approx. 4 inches high. Small body - BIG heart! He really shines when grouped with a couple of his other dragon friends. Aprox. 6”H x 6”L

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“Monday Morning Dragon” (before coffee) 

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Art lovers who have collected “Far-Fetch Dragons”

 tend to display them in groupings not unlike these humorous characters.

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