Foam Core Constructions

Three-dimensional Design Students


Because there was a need for stability in this particular configuration, no spacers were used. Doing this maximized the surface-glue-contact making this gravity-defying design possible. There is over 50 pieces in this construction. 


In these three designs 2, 3, 4, the spacers became a prominent part of the design. 

In the pyramid,note the diffinitive certer-of-focus created by the contrasting arcs, puctuated by the sphere. 



Although they play a minor role, the circular spacers between the triangles are expertly cut; placed out-front, designed to be part of the visual whole. 

The same identical shape was used over and over, but sytematically turned on a common axis. The circular hole and knotch adds an important dimension to the character and identitiy of the design. 

Note that the styrofoam sphere is restated as a solid, mirror image of the hole and expertly fills the empty space on the remainder of the pedestal.