Sculpture: Junk Into Art

Sculpture #1

“ Nest Egg”

Junk into art? You’re kidding, right? Nope! It’s true, for the first three sculptures on this page were created in response to the juried exhibition “Waste Not, Want Not, The Art of Gleaning”. The exhibition asked the participating artists to imaginatively create works of art, by transforming thrown-away “junk” into art! (High-class recycling?) Artists were required to incorporate into their art, discarded objects that are typically cast-offs, ones that would otherwise be destined for the landfill. These “junk” objects were originally manufactured for some other functional purpose i.e. fragments certainly not intended as art materials. While walking my dog, Ivy, i came upon a business that had thrown out a cash register. Immediately I knew this was going to figure into the creation of at least one of the sculptures for the exhibit. I took the register apart and reorganized the parts into a new relationship. Note the cash drawer filled with soil and money, with a live evergreen growing out of the mix (money tree?).

Note the dragon on the top of the machine standing guard over the treasure. Intermittently, lights flash in the interior of the register barely revealing a skull and a bare-bones rib cage in the shadows, symbolically warning of the perils of those who would be obsessed with accumulating wealth. And where is the egg suggested in the title . . the nest egg? See it all, by . . . . . .

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 “Reproductive System”

Sculpture #2

In making 3-d constructions, any junk at the curb-side, or objects found anywhere else is fair game for assembling them into a work of art. These constructions are often referred to as “assemblages.” As it happened, my computer printer died and although it no longer function for the purposes for which it was originally designed, 

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Sculpt. #3

“Transitional Man”

Some would call this “social commentary’ art. This mixed materials sculpture is about life size, using a combination of bronzed ceramic, electronic parts and gnarled roots from nature. 

It would seem that our culture has morphed into one where obsession with computer games, people walking and talking on their cell phones, on their computer into all hours of the day and night, is the norm. Always being “connected” to the phone puts everyone on a “short leash” to their work, while television and computer games cut people off from healthy physical activities and meaningful interaction with nature and with others. Because of this transition, we are in danger of losing our humanity. 

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Sculpt. #4


So, what the hell is this thing? It doesn’t make sense!

Don’t talk to me about a person being able to make sense!

It is the job of an artist, any creative thinker, to “ talk”non-sense! 

Making sense is the last refuge of thinking “within the box.” Creative thinkers stretch and distort the familiar, brainstorming the literal reality into a new, fresh reality through symbolic imagery.

Mixed materials: modeled clay/ceramic, wood, and stone. 30” H.

This is a smaller part of a larger sculpture. 

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“Eden Exit: Ticket to Leave the Garden”

received an “Award of Excellence” in the group exhibition, “ Reclaiming Eden” at the Art League of Long Island May 15, 2011 to June 12, 2011. Ceramic, mixed materials. 

Artists were asked to interpret what may be the many definitions of Eden reference the following: “The Garden of Eden; a place of pristine or abundant beauty; or of a state of happiness or bliss or one of rejection. To reclaim means to restore, regain, recover, salvage, get back. While the degradation of the environment may become a dominant theme, this exhibition invites a spectrum of interpretations that probe the many issues surrounding Eden in an original and thoughtful way.”

“ Earth-Tree Prayer “


Assemblage Technique

Aprroximately 30” H 

For me, shoes are symbolic means of travel through life. Throughout our lives we walk the earth through the days, weeks, the years, on a journey, accumulating all manner of experiences, all manner of challenges - the good, the beautiful, the bad, and the ugly. What are we doing to this beautiful earth?