These three “ Fish Pots” were in a series: 1 and 3 were fired by the raku technique; #2 was airbrushed and fired to cone 6. 

Approx. 16”h

Serving platter 21” dia. 

Ceramic 18” dia.

Airbrushed ceramic wall pieces Approx 21” dia

Airbrushed ceramic wall pieces Approx 21” dia

My musician friend, Nancy, received a few of my cups for her birthday . In a thank you note to me, she remarked how special they were to her; not only because I made them, but because she particularly likes the handles with the thumb tabs on the top. She says that it is interesting to look around the table at dinner guests as they hold onto their cups of tea or coffee and for the whole duration of drinking and conversation, people don’t seem to take their fingers/thumbs off of the handles. They just hold on, caressing the thumb tab. In the note she said, “ thanks for my birthday gift of cups. They are ‘thumb-thing-special.” 

Wheel formed soup bowls, altered into this unconventional form. Each holds approx. 2.5 cups. People report that the last few spoonfuls in the bottom can be conveniently slurped from either corner.

Damn, damn, the jar has gone,

Where, oh where could it be?

It was standing right there on the shelf

For one and all to see.

If you have seen my jar

That looks like this,

Please bring it back,

And you’ll get a kiss.

Where, oh where could it be?

When a teapot has memory: 

“ when in india, i was blessed with a cup

of tea from a very old teapot. never been

washed with soap in its old history.

the man in the shop just poured some hot

water into the teapot, let it sit for a minute

and poured the flavored water into a glass.

aroma, wonder.

no tea leaves in the pot. just hot water

in the history of the pot. it taught

me a lesson about tea. and, of course,

about teapots. let them get the history

of the tea, over many years.

tannic acid build up.

in america, we want to brillo out a teapot, have a

thick glaze inside so that we can fill it

with soap, ammonia, bleach, hot water.

murder the aroma.

i make the openings of my teapots small, then

the human hand cannot get in there, easily.

slow down the murder.”

 mel jacobson

Nighttime together

crickets chirp.

Wine goblets clink . . .

A quiet slurp.

BOWL 21” dia.