Recent Work 2011 - 2012

The Shoe As Metaphor

Shoe series : “Childhood Reflections: I Love Elephants”

Assemblage construction, mixed materials 

 13” L x 12”H x 7.5” D

“ Treading On Nature “

Shoe, shoe tree, foam, mixed materials

30” H

The Shoe As Metaphor

The shoe is a metaphor for experiences on the road of life. We struggle through life getting from one place to another. From the beginning, as toddlers, we weave to and fro, unsure of our steps. either barefoot, or with shoes on our feet. As youngsters we have bottomless, impetuous energy, getting into all sorts of trouble, learning the rules of life’s game as we age. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose and if we’ve learned lessons from the latter in our journey, we may gain some wisdom from life’s mistakes. When you are immersed in the creative way of thinking and doing, any “mistakes” that materialize are forgiven, paid for by the revelations and the lessons learned. It is through this way of working and living, that the beauty and truth that comes from connecting with your intentions- be it a beautiful work of art, even that of the order and color you designed into your garden - this is the “payoff” you receive for the struggle to connect with the intended and the mystery of the unintended. It is important to choose the right shoes for the road less traveled. 


“Soothing Coffee: Demon Tamer” 

 Approx. 18”h

“Dreaming Yesteryear”

 Approx. 18”h

“Homage to Tea and Coffee”

 Approx. 19” h

“Coffee On the Mind”

 Approx. 18”h


Ideas for my sculpture seem to grow out of the artwork that preceded them. I enjoy drinking coffee, especially out of my unique hand made cups. Although there are no individual cups pictured here, above are four recently created sculptures that are a tribute to coffee and drinking coffee out of such cups. I love the taste of coffee and love sharing a cup of coffee with a friend. The sharing seems to stimulate conversation and it is a way to keep connected to what’s going on in one another’s lives. I have about a dozen cups I’ve made in the cupboard and I have two current favorites. I will wash my favorites to use if they aren’t clean. Why can't I just grab any two mugs for the morning coffee? I think it is because I find meaning in their unique color, the shape of the vessel and especially how the handle feels. A morning cup of coffee in my favorite cup is an “attitude adjuster” and gets me started into a new day. The sculpture, “Soothing Coffee: Demon Tamer ” is an expression of that “adjustment.”

“Maternity Express : Special Delivery”

Ceramic and mixed materials

24”L x 8”H x 5”W

One of the images that frequently appears in my art is that of the egg. For me, the egg symbolizes the seed of promise: of birth, rebirth, of hope, of the unknown promise of the future. The egg may be the metaphor of your aspirations: for in nurturing and protecting your dreams, your “egg” may realize its potential. You’ll notice that these eggs often appear with dinosaur-like creatures that have been copy-righted under two names, “Dinocritter” and “Far-Fetched Dragons.” 


 Appro. 24”L x 10”h x 6”w

Mixed materials: ceramic, wood, rubber, etc. 


Under Construction