Shoe Assemblage

Note the “caged” mouse on the inside of shoe. “Stones” by how they conform to curvature of shoe are probably made of clay and painted. 

Two-tone shoe makes for more visual interest. 

This “shoe” is made of wood, an antique form - a mold to bend the leather over it, for actually hand-crafting shoes. The brass plumbing and brass human figure is an interesting addition. 

A painted-on shoe/sandle (see the strap). The brass base is probably from a candle stick and is imbedded into the stone or cement base. 

Another wood shoe form using a box as a pedestal. The pattern and color is achieved by the decoupage technique. 

The art of Decoupage is simply cutting out pictures, text, color from magazines or newspaper and pasting them on a surface.

click on the link below for decoupage


Swimmers flipper, all painted and beads glued on surfaces.

Modeled clay/ceramic people

Green fabric shoes, with nails suggesting thorns of catus, soft fabric cactus on top; rubber toy lizzard. 

Tall leather boot with some kind of form inside to hold it upright. Acrylic paint to suggest the “leaning tower of Piza