Student Art 2009

Art 222

The artwork on this page was created by students of Nassau Community College’s Advanced Ceramics class.
This group was exceptional in that those with more experience were willing to share information and skills with the less experienced. Ralph P. knew much about the Raku process and helped others. Carolyn J. demonstrated Majolica painting. And the ‘icing on the cake?” . . . all were exceptional, likeable people. 

Barbara D.

Christopher A. 

Stephanie F. 

Christopher A. 

Ralph P.

Sandy P.

Ralph P;

Hannah W. 

Vessel with a “lid”. Hair is removable

Morris P.

Christopher A.

Christopher A. 

Christopher A.

Carolyn J.

Sonni S.


The light colored pots below, were created using the majolica technique of painting. This technique was demonstrated by class member, Carolyn Jacobson. Generously, Carolyn gave those people more deeply interested in this beautiful technique an opportunity for a hands-on experience. She invited six of these people to her studio, where they decorated the pottery created at N.C.C., then glaze - fired them in her kiln. 

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