Dragon Environments


This sculpture combines what was formerly the motor of a large old spring-wound clock and other “ curb-side junk”, along with the ceramic fabricated dragons. One of the main “players” in this scene, contributes an electronic part to rebuild the clock mechanism. Another of his buddies awaits just under the clock mechanism to receive the part, to be installed in their construction “work-in-progress”. The small guy closest to the clock motor, his facial expression reflects his disbelief that he allowed himself to be sucked into such an outlandish project. This whimsical sculptural metaphor reflects our own human nature i.e. when friends or relatives convince us beyond our better judgement to get involved in some hair-brained project they thought up. Various symbols lie on the ground level : bones that suggest that they may not be the first in the attempt to invent something to “save time’.

 Approx. 24”L x 18”H x 14”D

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