Artists who create this kind of art and the people who commission it, have transformed the perceptual environment – not just the physical space – although that is considerable - but one’s perceptual space by acknowledging the values expressed through the visual language of art. 

After all, the only space that is truly important is the one you fashion out of your language, your thoughts, your beliefs; what you say you “stand for” is shaped by your priorities, your spirit, your ideals and aspirations! Through these you create the essential space in which you live and work and you take them with you wherever you go. If you don't acknowledge and prioritize your values, if you don't live them, what you want to create, it won't come out of your hands with any distinction, spirit, or depth of substance - likewise, the emerging work of art that you call your life! This concept is the Source, the well from which you draw and communicate your unique point of view, expressing your authentic self .